Self-adhesive Materials

Self-adhesive paper and film: in sheets for offset and screen printing and in rolls for label and digital printing. Can be applied used for industrial component, pharmaceutical and F&B, consumer goods packaging and advertising.
“for application on HDPE, Metal, Flexpack, Glass, PET, PP, PE and Cardboard, …”

Adhesives centered on three versatile technologies
We provide three adhesive coating technologies – emulsion, hotmelt and solvent – allowing us to engineer adhesives that offer a wide range of functionality. Within each range, we work with chemical compositions that are meticulously engineered to meet your application and performance demands. Most of our adhesive products are acrylic- and rubber-based, but we also develop hybrid and silicone adhesives, many of which are used in the automotive industry.

Choosing between emulsion, hotmelt and solvent adhesives
Selecting an adhesive begins with assessing your application requirements and the desired functionality of the label or packaging. The type of facestock you want to use, the surface that will be labeled and the conditions your product will be exposed to are also critical. Our range of solutions can help address these factors and we can even engineer a custom adhesive that meets your needs.

Sticking sustainably
We’re developing solutions that help advance the creation of a circular economy, and that includes our adhesives. Filmic labels made with CleanFlakeTM adhesive technology are easily removed from PET packaging during recycling. Our paper label solutions, combined with WX6030 adhesive, can be washed off returnable HDPE packaging at a low temperature without additives, saving energy and reducing chemical use.

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